Eat, sleep, skate, repeat!

Shop (Coming soon)

Our online shop is under development and we are currently designing new products. The shop will be launched before summer 2016. Just wait a little longer!

The story

All these years of skateboarding has thaught us the difference between good and bad gear. That knowledge is the foundation of Zanzibar Skateboards! - Eemeli Jokelainen, The Founder

In the beginning we called our secret skateboarding location Zanzibar. The friends skating at Zanzibar then formed a team named after their precious skateboarding location. Skateboarding has been our passion since the first time on a board! In the early days we designed some team shirts for ourselves and then for our close friends. At first it was just for fun! Our design got pleasent feedback and after a while we thought why not start taking this more seriously!

We want to share our passion with all of you!

We started with shirts but now we are also designing decks, wheels and who knows what in the future. Our product catalog will gradually expand in the future so keep coming to the site and check out our latest products!

Contact Zanzibar

Feel free to contact us about our products, provide some feedback on our sites, or just to say hello!